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Why Persian Carpet Export

Purchase directly from Iran.

Shopping Persian rugs with best prices and the most variety,

Information about Iran’s Rug Market and prices regularly & constantly.

Direct purchase without any dealer is possible through Persian Carpet Export.

As you know, Persian Carpets are sold in markets all over the world, and you are familiar with problem of purchasing from these markets.

To purchase directly from Iran, Persian Carpet export helps wholesalers and retailers to provide Persian rugs with no problem and best prices for their business.

With the efficient business relations in Iran, we also help our customers to have a variety of Persian rugs in their orders.

You can order commercial prices rugs or high quality rugs for either wholesale or retail, and make sure that you are getting the best prices according to Iran’s market.

We also accept orders for old or antique rugs,

In general our goal is to provide majority of Persian Rugs to help our customers and direct them for their purchase.

Friendly Cooperation
worldwide business trusting cooperation hand shake
Worldwide Shipping
Safe and secure global shipping via container, vessel
Best Services
e-business order wholesale via internet 24/7
Air Shipping
Shipping via airplane cargo safe and secure
Fresh Colors
Natural wool and color in Persian rug and carpets
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