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About Us

Carpet trading has been our family's traditional occupation since 1965. We are worldwide wholesalers of fine hand-made Iranian rugs and would like to start a good cooperation with wholesalers interested in Persian carpets.

Persian carpets, rugs, kilims, and Gabbehs have different kinds of designs, different sizes, qualities, and colors. In order to provide the variety, our group is active in all parts of Iran. However, our head office is located in Shiraz, Iran.

We focus on what we do best, selecting high-quality kilim style and traditional rugs, which can be delivered to our customers.
Our strength is coming not only from our customers, but also from our direct contact with designers, weavers, and all other artists who contribute to finish a hand-woven carpet.

Since we think of long-term cooperation with our costumers, our contact to them is not finished by closing the sale. We would like to know their idea(s) about their purchase, area market, etc. It is worth mentioning that this web site also displays digital images of samples of different kinds of rugs.

Please email or call us with any questions you might have. We will return all messages within 48 hours. Our 7-day-a-week online client service is ready to give quick response and assistance.
Friendly Cooperation
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Worldwide Shipping
Safe and secure global shipping via container, vessel
Unique Design
Banner shows unique design in Persian carpet and rug and kilim and gabbeh
Natural Dyes
Banner shows natural dyes that have use in Persian carpet & kilim & rugs
Natural wool
Natural wool and color in Persian rug and carpets
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